The new sobriety? It’s a crock of crap! Sobriety is sobriety. There is no new sobriety. It’s like putting a gun to your head and playing “Russian Roulette” and saying to yourself, “This isn’t really that risky”, is it? HELLO???  This is nothing more than conning yourself. Controlled Drinking or Contolled Using. It’s like trying to control a gorilla on crack. Let me know how that works for ya. “If you live”. Either your an addict / alcoholic or you are not. It would be like being a little bit pregnant but you can keep the kid in your belly as long as you want to. Does this sound reasonable? I didnt think so.

Let me explain. A truly addicted person has undergone certain biochemical changes. The true alcoholic can quit drinking for a time and pick up a drink after what seems like an eternity; Then, “POOF”, their addiction symptoms, behaviours and personality are as different as if they had never stopped drinking. Any attempt to control that drinking is futile. The authors of the Big Book as it is referred to in halls A.A. were right all along. Abstinence is the key. Working the prescribed 12 steps is the path to recovery. God is the grantor of the gift of sobriety and simply helping others to recover and simply loving those who seem unlovable is how we keep what we have, “Sobriety”, a very simple process. Just not very lucrative to Corporate America.

The “AMA”, American Medical Association declared Alcoholism as a disease as early as 1956. I agree. The Baldwin Research Institute refers to Alcohoism as a choice. I strongly disagree.  I refer to it as a  “sin addiction”. To put it bluntly, I engage in sinful behavior when I’m drunk or loaded, so therefore it is a deliberate sin for me to begin the process all over again by ever taking the first drink or drug. You believe as you wish, this has kept me alive and sober for 27 years so it has been successful for me. I view my sobriety and the recovery journey as a gift of God. I’m eternally greatful to Him for not only my sobriety but the journey that has helped me to better man.

The fact of the matter is this: The desperate need to put the act of drinking or using  ahead of their health, life, freedom, family, marriage, finaces, career, friends, safety and reputation is in itself the smoking gun that point out there is a big, big problem. Don’t con yourself. Can we say, Denial?  Stinking thinking? Insanity?  I thought you could boys and girls. The truth hurts. Then why the hell is this viscous life taking rumor so happily circulated by these supposedly well meaning people, health professionals and institutions.  Cha Ching?????? Let’s face it, this is a popular and socially acceptable message that can be profitable for many. It feels comfortable because there is no need for a God or a Higher Power or accountability.  Just another socially  exceptable message. Buyer beware! Why flirt with danger for a drink, pill, needle or powder? It must be the way it makes one feel, Right? Why is this feeling so important? See where I’m headed here? Could it be your addicted? Hint! Hint! This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Why not eror on the side of safety is a proven safe way to avoid danger.

So what makes me an  authority on this matter? I’m so glad you asked. Because before my successful journey of 27 years of not getting drunk or high, I had 10 years of so called “controlled drinking” and using. I would stay sober and clean until I was ready to say: I must be o.k. now. I can manage my usage just fine. I would dive head first into a risk reduction view and manage the addiction monster for a few hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Only to find out eventually  I would be seduced into a no holds barred night or day of, “Party Time”  Once Pandoras’ Box was open it would end in divorce, arrest, jail, prison or the hospital. I would end up homeless and covered in my own vomit, urine, fecal matter or blood. All because I wanted to try the new improved form of controlled drinking, the new sobriety or whatever the next generation self prescribed genius wants to label it to sell book with. All I can say to this is, “Horse Pucky”! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know: I’m supposed to be a minister and I just dropped the Horse Pucky  bomb. Get over it. I live a God of my understanding, ministry of my calling, victorious warrior life. I did not candy coat this stuff for a reason: You could die and I dont want you to. As said before: I love you. I am not out to get rich. I want to see you live.

Listen to me, I care. I love God enough to feed His sheep. I appreciate my sobriety and salvation enough to pay it forward. The sacrifice Jesus made for me is a big deal to me. Everything to me! I’m not in this to stroke egos, not even my own. I don’t give a flip what Unforgiving Churches, Judgemental Preachers, So called health experts or degreed money grabber say. Sobriety is simply this: Having a sober mind that doesn’t engage in a risky behaviors that could ultimately kill you or someone else. A buzz is not worth it. Time to “GROW THE HELL UP”! This article is just the opinion of another garden variety drunk but 27 years speaks for itself. Join me on the

Written by,

Robert Newberry, “Sinner”