I hope it’s obvious that I sink a lot of love, time and effort into this website. It is becoming a piece of me. Hopefully you get some benefit from my writings and the raw attempt of honesty. It is my hope to build a following of people who want or need something a little more raw, open and transparent than traditional church or fellowships. Not instead of but in addition to.

Those of us that have been deeply wounded and scared emotionally need to hear that the minister attempting to treat the wounds has some firsthand experience in the issues. It is hard for us to relate to ministry that has too sanitized of an approach to ministry. Life and feeling can be extremely messy. We need to hear from people who are honest enough to share how screwed up they were and maybe still are. We need to know they were able to survive the journey of healing. Therefore my ministry approach is unorthodox and raw compared to most. I guess it takes one broken toy on the island to relate to another.

It’s not that I despise the ministry of the traditional church. I treasure their knowledge. However, I was deprived of that traditional training. I got my training from the Holy Spirit, mentors, the street, behind bars (jail) and the pain that came from being abused and becoming a survivor. I do not wish to take someone from an existing church. I wish to create a comfortable safe haven for people who hurt and need a place to find answers to help them grow and find peace. To fill a gap that is hard for a traditional pastor to fill without getting fired. Believe me, they care but they dare not cross certain lines.

If you wish to support this website and my work, please do. I will be adding a support button soon. This website is in the process of being built and I am learning as I go. Even small gifts help. Bless you for at least taking the time to read this.


Robert Newberry, “Sinner”