| 2019 | January


    Sex addiction help. It is not easy to realize you need help until you are in way over your head. It’s not easy to find anonymous help when you are willing to ask for help. It is also one of the hardest addictions to ask for help when we need it. It becomes obvious to…

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    The new sobriety? It’s a crock of crap! Sobriety is sobriety. There is no new sobriety. It’s like putting a gun to your head and playing “Russian Roulette” and saying to yourself, “This isn’t really that risky”, is it? HELLO???  This is nothing more than conning yourself. Controlled Drinking or Controlled Using. It’s like trying…

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  • God of Love: My Higher Power

    I Believe In God, I Just Don’t Do Church. Ever thought this yourself or do you know someone who says this? This is a fairly common feeling today. Much of the population feels this way unfortunately. To find the reason why, one needs to look at the church to figure out where the problem is….

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