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Fear is the thief that comes unannounced. It takes everything: Hope, happiness, security, opportunity, joy, adventure, community, love, dreams, family, health, friendship, our visions, aspirations and service to our fellow man. Even the very breath from our bodies unto death. As a matter of fact, the only thing that we are left with when this insidious thief comes calling is the one simple thing that can defeat, destroy and abolish this demon that would cripple and kill. Faith! But faith in what or who?

To address the question in the last paragraph, it is of the utmost importance we gain an understanding of who and what we are. Let us search our heart for the answer to this most important question.

When we are born and later become toddlers we are introduced to ourselves with a mirror. We come to accept that the handsome or beautiful person peering back at us as ¬†who we are. We immediately become a physical being with breathtaking attributes that obviously contribute to why Mommy and Daddy absolutely adore us. This fine looking specimen we see in the mirror with an award winning smile is,”Us”.


This understanding is the foundation of all the other attribute that make us who we are in our own mind. I will suggest this is only the mask we wear. Allow me to introduce you to the real you. Far more priceless. Far more beautiful, handsome and extremely gifted.

The mirror lies to us. The mirror shows us an image, a vapor and something that came from dust and will eventually return to dust. We are actually royalty with powers that are far beyond our wildest dream. Hollywood has nothing that can match what we are equipped with. As a matter of fact, these are the same powers we are equipped with that create what we see on the silver screen. Intuitive, imaginative, wonderous, resourceful and loving.

When I was a very young man still struggling with my poor understanding of who I was and why I existed. I met an old Afroamerican gentleman who gave me a gift I have carried with me ever since. He gifted me with what would become the cornerstone of my present understanding of who Robert really is. I was homeless, severely addicted to alcohol, drugs and given to suicidal thoughts. However, a miracle in the making.


This old man with white hair, kind eyes and a reassuring smile looked me in the eyes and said to me; “You belong to God”. He told me that I was a man a trying to live a spiritual life and failing. Then he said you are actually a, “God made spirit living in the body of a mortal man”. Please capture this truth in your heart. Hold it close. Guard it and nurture it.

If you adopt this reality you will become the person God meant you to be all along. A warrior, healer, poet, musician, a scholar and no less than royal priests and kings of Gods creation. Not a royal entity that hides behind their troops cowering but a royal warrior and king leading his troops into a dark battlefield called, “Fear”.

President, “Franklin D. Roosevelt”, in his first inaugural address said, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. With this thought in mind we must remember my first paragraph in this writing. A vivid picture of what fear will steal from you, “if you let it”.

Get Up! Remember, “you belong to God”. He will empower and equip you for battle. He will not let you fail if you draw close to Him. Do not despair. Now is the time to give in to who you really are. Develop your gifts and skills. Become that man or woman that others run to for shelter and hope.

So, if fear is the demon we are fighting on the battlefield called, “Fear”, take heart. The battle has been give to us on a silver platter by our Almighty God. In the book that breaths life into those who are spiritually dead and give hope to those who are spiritually endowed, this is the battle cry we should shout at the top of our lungs. “Perfect love casts out fear”. 1John 4:18. The NIV puts it this way. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.


Uncertain times require courage and all of the best attributes we have. As always, I must remind you of this, “Love is always the right answer”. Your love just may be the hope that another soul needs to survive on the battlefield of, “fear”.

Written by,

Robert S. Newberry, “Sinner”

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