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Uncertain? About the future of our lives, families, finances, our countries and our world. We would be crazy if we not. How I wish I could take all the anguish away. I cannot. The fact of the matter is simply this. Much of it is out of our hands. I will not elude to U.S. & Geopolitical Politics. We are adults. We are not blind. All I can and will say is this: As adults we are not fully mature until we have the ability to look at all the information before us. Research is not listening to a favorite news media outlet or agency. Research is digging deeper, much deeper. Look at your side and the other side as well. Know that you have the intellect to and spiritual maturity to develop an idea of what the real truth is. The real truth rarely falls on one side or the other, but in the middle. So, will one side or the other save us. I think not. We must demand compromise, civility and actions directed toward peace, unity, equality and responsibility. Lets save our home. Our World!


Violence? Absolutely not! Martin Luther King Jr. was sold on the idea of PEACE. Me too. Our answers are in peaceful and prayerful dialogue with one another and our family here at home and across the oceans. Blogs are an awesome way to share. Why is everything in such upheaval? Greed and Power Mongering. Follow the money! Follow the money! “FOLLOW THE MONEY”! Many of the wealthy are fine people. Good people. But there are those who enrich themselves with pushing war and division. Many get rich off the pain of others by distributing drugs, pharmaceutical company’s putting money before principals. People and even government stealing and killing from the hood to the heights levels of government.

Research! You cant tell who is good and who is bad by following their own press releases or by following media that stands to gain from an association with them. Its time to take the power away from the bad people. We have power. There is power in knowledge, “Power in unity”

Learn. Pay Attention. Listen. Share dialogue with others. Be in the know.

You may not be religious but my experience is this. Prayer is a positive force. Meditation is a peaceful force. Faith in action is a Mighty Force. Doing good and spreading love in your community and our world is a magnetic force. So I leave you with this. Its time to get smart and its time to get busy. With the talk of war, division, poverty, times running out. Being controlled by government instead of you deciding your day and future is a lesser life than God desires for us. FREEDOM IS GODS WILL FOR US. We must act now. Be the seed that peace and prosperity will grow from. My prayers are with you. Peace be with you and may you feel loved and appreciated by someone today.

Written by: Robert S. Newberry, “Sinner”


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