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Why should I care if religion is under attack? To some this is not a major concern. But to others this is a matter of eternal life or death. Others view religion as superstition or a man made control device  that can be used to influence the masses.

There is much controversy over this subject today. But… There has been much controversy over this subject for thousands of years. Generations of bloodshed and loss of life. Argued in many languages in the courts of many countries. Families have been split over differences of opinion as to wether a child should be dunked or sprinkled and at what age.



There are so many different churches, denominations, types of worship services and styles of music. So there are many opinions about who’s doing church right. Pastors and priests even reaching their boiling point and ready to exchange blows in rare occasions. And now, it is not uncommon to have governmental officials demanding copies of sermons, the names, addresses and phone numbers of all who enter the place of worship. If only these political power mongers would read the sermons, “with their heart”. So with all the turmoil, “Why should I care”? Should I care if religion is under attack? 

To answer the question we must first put it in perspective. The attack of religion is just the deceptive shroud the real question and “danger” is concealed in. Hold on to this truth because your future depends on your ability to grasp the magnitude of it. The treasure the enemy is after is “freedom of choice”. Yes, it is our ability to freely choose the manner in which we live out our lives, “physical and spiritual” that is at stake. The end goal is to convert the would be worshiper into a mindless zombie that worships a government instead of a deity.
At the heart of the argument one must understand the word religion is just a word. “Spirituality” on the other hand is “Eternal”. Religion is something to be studied, discussed, argued and is often held out as a prideful trophy. Spirituality is life eternal. Spirituality is part of your being that can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone and never taken away. An adornment that God Almighty gives us to show we belong to Him. Like the indelible ink of a broken pen. It spills over leaving the everlasting proof of its existence changing whatever and whoever it touches. Spirituality is an ink of love that penetrates like tattoo ink but it sinks to the depths of the heart and soul of man. Religion is merely a threshold that invites a hungry or thirsty soul in. Sometimes leaving them bitter or hollow. The Bible tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. There are many imitators of God, “imposters” including, “Governments”. Government want to workout your salvation for you. To control you.
You may not consider yourself a Christian. Maybe even Atheist or Agnostic. Something in your future may change your mind. The right tragedy, argument, movie, guy or gal, battle, undeniable miracle or maybe you will come face to face with God. Impossible? Moses was surprised to experience God at first.  Exodus 33: 11. God does as He pleases. The point is this: You should always maintain your right to choose. For you to be aware of what there is to choose from there must be a freedom for religion to be visible to you and not hidden away like a dirty little secret.
Atheist, Agnostic or Believer, “Protect your right to chose by not giving the government the right to limit the existence of something you may come to cherish and need like the air you breath. Government will try to change the face of the argument and wrap it up in a social issue, health issue or any number of facades.  They are sly and deceitful. But when the day comes that churches are not only locked but closed, condemned, outlawed and demolished; know that Spirituality resides in the heart, is contagious, shines bright, spreads like wildfire and is unquenchable.  Spirituality is a relationship, “with God”. Not a place, a group, a title or something man or government can take away or stamp out.
May God bless and keep you safe,
Written By:
Robert Newberry, “Sinner”

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