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God has Healed, Forgiven, made pure, Empowered me and has huge work for me to do. God is my shield, my fortress, my protector, my wisdom, my Healer, Deliverer and provider. God goes before me, with me behind me and in my heart. I cast out any evil influence or oppression. I claim back everything the devil stole or deprived me of and I claim all that the enemy wants to take from me, Stephanie and our family. I am asking everyone to believe and claim this for me. Pray for me and Stephanie to be led, protected and given wisdom by God. That satan can not bring evil to interfere. That Stephanie and I give 100% to God. This is an immediate request. I Praise God for this and believe this to the core of my soul. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in my heart.I Robert Newberry claim this with complete faith in Jesus name. Thank you God! I believe, recieve and praise you for this. In Jesus name. Father God, send me to do your will, prove your healing and do battle against evil in Your Holy name. I am yours!

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