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FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! A Holy Spirit Filled marriage is the sweetest and most intimate relationship a couple can experience



Happy Valentines Day! I suppose it is only appropriate to discuss the perfect marriage, perfect relationship and love on one of the most beloved holidays in the world. The sweetness and heat enjoyed on Valentines day can melt even the most damaged of hearts. Mine included.

Am I an expert on love? Absolutely not! Number one, I am a man, which I am told makes me a little handicapped in that subject.  (Don’t you dare believe it!) Men have feelings too. Number 2, I viewed the subject of love through tear filled eyes as an individual who had a warped understanding of love for years.  Additionally I have experienced love as a soul with Gods healing in my life.  So I guess that would make me an expert on surviving the journey from bitterness and defeat to living in victory and Gods love. The healing from Gods love simply spills over into every facet of my life. Especially my marriage to my own personal guardian angel, cheerleader and soulmate, Stephanie. Twenty years later she is still my hero, best friend, ministry partner and lover. Still puts the rhythm in my heart if you get my drift.
I have heard if it hurts its not love. Sometimes love does hurt. Sorry! Lets call it growing pains. If God lets us experience pain in love their is usually an opportunity to learn something from it.  I have also heard that when the sex slows down, it means they don’t love you any more. Again, False!
It has also been said that people drift apart. Poppy Cock! As we grow we develop more interests in our lives, some similar to our mates and can be shared. Some are  different and there should be a few different interests and aptitudes. As a couple grows and they become one, they will have a huge arsenal of experiences to survive and enjoy life together with. A perfect team with complimenting strengths. If we love ourselves and God enough, we can trust our mate and actually enjoy having some me time and also letting them enjoy some me time. Loneliness bad! Alone time, good!  (However, both are a great time to commune with God ). After all, God is the one who gave us our soul mate and our life in the first place. God is and should be an integral part of our relationship. A heavy dose of The Holy Spirit in a marriage intensifies the warmth, empathy, healing and appreciation for each other.
Gods will, in our relationship is really simple. Do not leave God out of your marriage or your relationship. Current societal standards simple give God a really bad rap. An attack of the enemy against humanity and true happiness. His will for you and your loved one is that you literally become one in life and grow in Him together. He wants you to experience True love. Love heals and comforts.  Sadness can also heal.  It helps us develop empathy for others and reliance on God.
God invented sex too. Thank you Jesus! Can I get a big AMEN?  Yes, God wants you to have great sex! It produces great families and helps to protect and nurture our bond to our soulmate. God loves romance. His gift to mankind through is son Jesus Christ is the Greatest love story ever told.
Finally, God wants you to love Him too. Simply because, God loves you and your mate more that you could imagine. He made you for one another. Let Him In!!! Let God into your life, your relationship, your marriage and your family. Our Father will bind you together with golden unbreakable thread, soaked in beautiful scarlet Jesus red love  with a touch of  Comforting and healing wisdom to temper it.  LET GOD IN!!! 
May Gods Grace be on all of you and your treasured loved ones this beautiful healing day of the year. Love heals. Love is always the answer.
Happy Valentines Day!
Written by:
Sinner, (Robert S. Newberry)
Saved By Grace Alone.

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