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Sobriety is a treasure. Fight to protect it. Pick up your sword and go to work! The person that possesses sobriety has the key that can unlock many doors. Doors to relationships, careers, financial stability or possibly even wealth. Sobriety can do even more. Sobriety can give you the strength, maturity, tenacity and wisdom to joyfully live with the lack of these things as well. Sobriety is a beautiful God given gift. At the same time is is something we earn and work for. Think of it as God giving you a tree that can produce fruit. It must be properly cared for and nurtured. Even the effort that we engage in is a blessing because it helps us to appreciate our gift more. We are vested in it. The effort builds character. We learn what makes the tree to grow healthy, strong and produce the best fruit it can.

Sobriety can seem elusive to us in the beginning. Much like trying to catch a greased pig. Not only does it seem hard to catch but hard to hold on to as well. We are the ones that  make it so slippery. God is eager for you to have the gift. He knows this gift will help us to become the best person we can be.

It’s hard isn’t it? Believing that a Holy God loves us as bad as we have been? That He will get us sober? We believe this because we either try to do the heavy lifting or con ourselves into thinking we are too far gone. We refuse to believe that we have been living in a state of insanity or that we have been poisoning ourselves for years. We refuse to believe that there is a power beyond what we understand much greater than ourselves that can return our sanity to us for free. And if we come to except that Greater Power, we want to argue with Him about who’s in the driver seat. Leaving the driving to God. Believe with all your heart He has crafted this gift with His own hands just for you. Then just simply, 1. Ask for forgiveness 2. Ask Him to live in your heart 3. Ask God to give you sobriety 4. Believe it is yours. God wants to heal you! Let Him!

Truth is, we are clueless. There is simply too much at risk to refuse this free gift. Three simple steps can save your life. Sobriety is not as long a journey as it seems. There are only 12 steps. But those 12 steps are repeated throughout our lives. The scenery is breathtaking. The people we meet are more interesting than those we meet drunk or loaded. The relationships are sweeter and the final destination can be heavenly. Please make the journey with me. And if it becomes too rocky for us, our Higher Power will even carry us. His name is God.


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