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Ever feel like you are being stared at? I have to admit, I have felt like that most of my life. As far back as I can remember, I have felt like the little kid looking through the window from outside at the other people having fun and laughing and they seem to like each other. They are O.K. Then they all turn to me simultaneously and the smiles disappear and they just stare as if to say; you’re poor, or ugly or strange, not like us. You don’t belong. Go away. Then someone comes outside and says, “Come in and hang out with us”. I shyly enter in and the people smile as they meet me but I just can’t shake the sick feeling I got when I was outside. “I don’t belong.” “I’m just not good enough”. Can you relate to this at all? It’s difficult and it really hurts. I don’t care how big, bad tough or even forgiving a person is, it cuts to the bone and when the people actually say these words spewing hatred and judgement, it changes us doesn’t it? Stay with me here. Let’s share a moment together.

Truth is most people have felt this way at some time or another but it passes. If this feeling continues it can be damaging to us in so many ways. What causes this feeling? First, remember this: “GOD DOES NOT MAKE TRASH”! We are born as His creation, a masterpiece. Everything from that point on shapes us. The things we are exposed to, economic conditions, social environment, the personalities of our parents, family and others. All of this shapes our opinion of ourselves. If we told we are trash, we start to believe it after a while. If told we are stupid, not good enough or different enough times we absorb that like a sponge into our spirit. This can feel devastating to us and have a grave effect on our live and how we relate to the rest of the world. We can feel like we are from another planet. An alien. All by ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be a nice world of everybody just loved each other and wanted the best for each other? If we all could be kindhearted toward one another, the world would feel so warm and comfy. What if we all had the desire to look at every life as though that life mattered and was a gift from God? Given to us to make our world a brighter place. However our willingness to judge gets in the way. We as humans are all too willing to think we know how to fix each other or question whether that person is even worth fixing. Maybe they are so different, awkward or bizarre to us, we don’t even want to talk to the person. Maybe we feel they are not up to our standards or wouldn’t fit in. Our friends would think we are weird for asking them to join us. They may throw us out of the click. OH NO! We would be by ourselves. This my friend is why God tells us not to judge one another. We tend to judge the outside of person. Not the heart. God knows the heart. We do not see the real heart. You have to have a real relationship with the person to get to know a little bit about their heart. Even then, we do not get to see all like God does. Therefore we are incapable of judging people correctly.

I have ministered in some of the most demon oppressed place you can imagine. I have taken the message of God’s love for us into jails, homeless encampments, crack houses and shabby bars with some of the roughest of people imaginable. I have worked with gang members, bikers, prostitutes, addicts of all kinds and men and women who would tell me straight up they were followers of satan and hated God. I’ve been threatened, shot at and prayed with people as the police were initiating a drug bust. I’ve prayed with street prostitutes as their pimp held a gun on me to make sure I didn’t try to take them.

How do I find myself in these situations and places? The key is so simple. People respond to love. They respond to someone who will listen. They share with someone who doesn’t not pass judgement on them and treat them poorly. In fact, they soak up the love like a hungry sponge. They listen if they believe you care. And I do!  I was once in their place. I remember the pain, uncertainty and suffering. People, “all people” need love.


Even today, after many years of sobriety and leaving that painful life I once lived; “People judge me”.  They will judge me not for my heart or my ministry work or love for others. All they will see is a broken life of drunkenness, crime and perversion and completely look over the changes God has made in my life. The “Holier than Thou” crowd will see the person I was so many years ago. They do not see the tender and loving heart God gave me or the person I have become by His hand. They may have seen or heard a little rough language and gasp. Let me make this perfectly clear: “I Work for God”. I do not need their approval. This is a type of bondage when we place more importance on what others think than what God wants for our lives. A life of freedom.  When I broke the chains of mans judgement I could soar high and fast.  After all, they didn’t even judge Jesus by his royal identity or perfect love. They judged what they thought they saw. They ignored the things they should have seen. So why struggle with man’s approval? I desire Gods approval. God’s Love. There is a peace that come to us when we cling to God instead of man. God is the lifeguard. Man is the one drowning. Cling to God for life and cling to man for death.


When a person clings to God a change occurs. We don’t stop caring about the human race, we desire desperately to tell them about the peace and love we have found with God. It bubbles out of us. We can’t stop it and do not want to. It’s like there is an explosion of beauty, sweetness and hugs that rain all over the place. It touches people and penetrates to the heart. It changes people’s lives for the better. This is why people were so in love with Jesus. They saw His love and responded to it with hunger. They followed him out of the devotion that only true love can forge. They didn’t see judgement, they saw someone who wanted to help them make corrections in their lives that would make their lives sweeter and richer. So if you are having a hard time surviving on your planet, try mine. “Planet Jesus Is A Great Place To Live”.




Robert “Sinner” Newberry

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