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You would think that someone who has been through so much trouble and heartache in their life would feel absolutely powerless, helpless and hopeless. I did for a long time. I do not feel that way in the least now. I feel encouraged, secure and accomplished. I feel empowered and able to move life’s mountains. I know the Mountain Mover Himself. Yep! You guessed it . I know God and I’m happy to have a loving and vibrant relationship with him. Not one of those, “shaking because I’m getting ready to meet the Wizard of OZ kind of relationships, but one of those I’m gonna crawl up in Daddy’s lap kind of warm fuzzy’s relationships. He loves me!

When someone has lost or had stolen everything from them in life, they learn to become a victim or a victor. In my case I have been both. Living in victim status for so long, it became easier and easier to give in to the false gods: alcohol, drugs, and messed up relationships. Of course there are other things to bury feeling in as well like pornography, food, hoarding and other compulsive behaviors. However, today I claim victory and walk in Gods healing and grace.

When people have been abused, neglected or manipulated enough they form negative coping mechanisms. Survival reactions is another way I look at them. The enemy seemed to go way out of his way to hurt me and keep me from being who God meant me to be. Today, I do not need coping mechanisms. I have God and with Him I can do “Amazing Things”


Going to God in prayer and just resting in His love has become my primary coping mechanism. He generally gives me the answer I need fairly soon. I feel so blessed. I have found that I do not get everything I think I need. I do not let it destroy me that God might want me to wait either. Yeah, it hurts. Sometimes pretty bad. But this warrior gets up now and accepts Gods timing as being perfect.

I refuse to give up or give in. I am confident, diligent and capable. Guess what? You are too. You may not know it yet but you can move into this level of peace too. One step at a time. Be patient with yourself and God. Gods timing is always right on time.

Sometimes people live in a totally negative environment and nobody gives you the positive encouragement you need. Tell yourself what you need to hear if nobody else will. I can do this. I am capable. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God made you to be a winner my friend. Do not let the enemy steal your birthright from you! Start these positive affirmations today. Live in them. Wear them as if God Himself clothed you in them because, “He did”. Your God wants great things for and from you.


Understand this: This is a war. Everything that is happening in the world today is an indicator that we are in a definite conflict. Good verses evil. The only way to take complete control of people is to strip them of their identity, freedom and knowledge. God is my protector. He wants to be your protector also. Just ask Jesus, Gods son into your heart.
People are meant to be free and blessed abundantly by God. Not oppressed by any man or government. Therefore, pray for wisdom every day. Pray for freedom. Pray for God to reveal to you who you are in Him.

The importance of knowing who you are, “In Him” is a real game changer. You are no longer powerless and weak. You literally become royalty when you except Jesus as your Savior. Your somebody! You have the power of prayer and as the Word says, “If God is for you then who can be against you”. I hope you feel differently now about your circumstances in life. Do not feel like nobody cares. God does. I do, and there are plenty of others that would gladly say a prayer for you or pray with you.

Where to start: Your local church is a good place to start. If the pastor or priest is not available then ask whoever answers the phone if someone could talk to you. Its not just the pastors job to help. A member of the church can talk to you and pray sometimes. There is a wealth of knowledge within the membership of the church. Deacons, Elders, etc. No luck there? Try another church. They are all more related than some like to admit sometimes. Love is the main idea here. Let Christian love into your life. Don’t be afraid to love others. And as always: “Love is always the right answer”.

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