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  • Call Me Sinner

    Sinner, One of the questions people ask me is why a minister would have a handle (nick name or title) of Sinner. Great question! The immediate thought that surfaces in my mind, “or what’s left of it” is that I feel more comfortable with Sinner as a label than I feel with Saint, Reverend, Pastor,…

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  • Sobriety Sword or Sobriety’s Word?

    Yes!!! Absolutely correct. The goal of this website is to provide information, encouragement, literature, recovery resources, possible recovery programs.  All of this so you will have a go to source to equip you for your unique and exciting spiritual journey of recovery. Recovery of whatever your hurt, habit or hangup may be. Yes, addictions included….

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  • About Robert, Aka (Sinner)

    Welcome to Sobriety Sword. I’m glad you are here. My name is Robert Newberry the founder of Sobriety Sword. I have been sober and clean for 27 years. Although Sobriety Sword is faith based, everyone is welcome and encouraged to make use of the tools I  provide for you. We love you all and want…

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